V/SYDORW Stockholm in collaboration with Ferner Jacobsen, Norway

Ferner Jacobsen AS is a family owned company with three stores in Norway, one in Oslo,

one in Fredrikstad and one at Fornebu S, they also have an online store.

Established as early as 1916, Ferner Jacobsen has participated in an incredible journey

in the fashion world’s trends and development, resulting in over 100 years of expertise.

Their long experience from the business has been a decisive factor for the knowledge

needed today for their customers to get the ultimate guidance for their personal style.

With a wide range of exclusive brands, their goal is to be one of the leading high-profile

fashion houses for men and women in Scandinavia. Since the start, they have focused

on traditional high-end fashion and to provide the customers the best service and

experience possible in thier stores.


The V/SYDORW Stockholm bracelets are available at Ferner Jacobsen in Oslo and

in their online store since 1,5 years, and are now, from June 2018, available at

Ferner Jacobsen in Fredrikstad as well. Ferner Jacobsen is the only retailer of V/SYDORW

Stockholm bracelets that have limited collaboration collections with their own logotype

engraved. Explore the bracelets with the custom logos at their online store.



The collaboration between Ferner Jacobsen and V/SYDORW Stockholm started off late

2016 and was established by Chris-Eirik Nikolaisen, Buyer at Ferner Jacobsen Oslo and

Victoria Sydorw, Founder of V/SYDORW Stockholm. Below follows an interview with

Chris-Eirik regarding the collaboration and their style expertise at the bracelet area.


What do you think makes a good wrist game?

For me a good wrist game is clean, but also an opportunity to combine a cool accent colour

together with a basic colour.


Which V/SYDORW Stockholm bracelets are the bestsellers at Ferner Jacobsen?

Best sellers at Ferner Jacobsen are Earth Blue Marble Sodalite and Versus Genuine Brown,

but we also sell quite a few of the Versus Vibrant Orange.


Why do you sell the V/SYDORW Stockholm bracelets at Ferner Jacobsen?

We have, during our many years, had a few different bracelet suppliers, and one day when

Victoria visited our store and showed me the V/SYDORW bracelets I liked it very much,

so I made an order already the day after. One of the most important things is that we make

them unique for Ferner Jacobsen with our logo tag on the bracelets and the giftboxes. It has

been a success from day one, and we are looking forward to a future together with V/SYDORW



Who is your typical bracelet customer?

Typical would be to say the young boys, but no. There is no typical bracelet customer. We sell to

everyone, from young to old. Guys have become very into accessories and chooses to add more

and more bracelets.


What bracelets do you recommend for SS18-looks?

Versus Vibrant Orange together with Versus Allure Navy, perfect fresh SS18 look. Maybe together

with Apex if you want to go “all in”.