The watch expert; the new book, & the bracelets

V/SYDORW Stockholm have had the pleasure to do a journal-reportage with Thomas Denke,

a watch enthusiast from Stockholm who just released the book “Klockor – modeller, märken och nörderi”.

Thomas Denke is also one of the co-founders of Scandinavia’s largest and most active online community

for wristwatch aficionados – ”Klocksnack”. V/SYDORW Stockholm has been in contact in several ways

with Thomas who often combines the bracelets with his exquisite range of watches and creates superb

wrist games. As well as via’s charity auctions, where bracelets from V/SYDORW Stockholm

were actioned out for the benefit of Barncancerfonden (Children’s Cancer Foundation).


Here follows the interview with Thomas Denke where he tells us more about the new book, Klocksnack and

his preferences in combining watches with bracelets.


What is Klocksnack? was founded about six years ago and has grown to become Scandinavia’s largest and most active

online community for watch collectors. Today it has about 20.000 members and a very high activity with almost

10.000 unique visitors each day. It has grown into a fantastic place for sharing and discuss the intrest in wrist

watches on a daily basis for people, not only from Sweden, but from other Scandinavian countries as well.

Another great thing is that we also have a good share of active female members, which is great and also

shows that this is a interest for everyone, not just only the typical male enthusiast.


Tell us about your book!

The book became almost a natural offspring from being a part of running the Klocksnack-community.

I’ve written a lot at the forum, and maybe more important, I’ve been reading a lot and hopefully I’ve

learnt some from all the fantastic members on the forum. Last year we were contacted by a member

who also is a publisher who wanted to discuss the possibilities to create a book. I thought it was a great

idea and we decided to give it a try.


The core aim of the book has been to create kind of an introduction to wristwatches and watch collecting.

For me it was also important to create a book that you could actually read as a book and not only creating

another reference catalogue for collectors. Hopefully this is more of a beginners book, an introduction to

all kind of wristwatches, not just the spectacular expensive ones. In the book there’s chapters about the

history of the wristwatch, different kind of watches, important brands, collecting, servicing a wristwatch,

the movement and the different part of a watch and so on.  But a key message is that, as a watch nerd, you

can find the same amount of joy in an affordable watch as in a much more expensive piece. It’s all about

your own preferences and what you like. There’s a lot out there to explore, everything from the typical

collector brands as Rolex and Omega, and the luxury brands like Patek or Vacheron Constantin, or vintage

stuff like Heuer, down to the cheaper pieces like Seiko or vintage quartz watches. Something for everybody!


How did your interest in watches begin? 

It started about 10 years ago when I was told by a colleague that I needed a proper watch. He was a collector

and I actually blame him for dragging me into this hobby. But actually I would like to thank him, my interest

in wristwatches has given me a lot of fun experiences and to be serious, just like a good pair of shoes a proper

wristwatch is essential for both men and women.


Where can the book “Klockor – modeller, märken och nörderi” be bought?

The book is available at most larger online bookstores like Bokus and Adlibris but also at Akademibokhandeln.

It’s also possible to purchase the book at A number of watch stores also sells the book, like Erikson

Urhandel or Klockmaster at Fältöversten and Globen here in Stockholm.


How did you come up with the idea of Klocksnack?

Klocksnack were pretty much a very spontaneous thing at the beginning. Me and a couple of friends thought there

was a need for a new online community built on a modern technical platform so we decided to give it a shot.

And it turned out to be a success! When we started it we couldn’t imagine that it would grow to the proportions it

has today. It has been a great experience and process to be a part of such a journey. But you have to remember that

this success was built by all all the active members on klocksnack who’s been hanging in there for years. Our job was

just to facilitate and host the community, simply to create a nice framework and environment for the members to fill

with core content.


How do you prefer to combine watches with bracelets?

I love it! It can really give that extra aspect to wearing a watch. By adding colours and texture via bracelets you can really

strengthen the presence of the watch on your wrist. One tip if you like smaller watches, which sometimes can look a bit empty

on your wrist is to add a couple of nice leather bracelets, it will fill up the wrist in a nice way and you get a nice aesthetic

combination that increase the wrist presence and make the smaller watch look a bit bigger.


Do you think any certain bracelet collection by V/SYDORW Stockholm is extra suitable to wear with watches?

Personally I’m a big fan of the Versus collection in general, especially the black and brown versions. But in combination with

a wristwatch, the Earth collection is a great way to match your watch and create unique, colorful and stylish combinations.