In 2013 Victoria Sydorw wanted to give her partner a special gift to celebrate their time together. He had just started to embrace the idea of adding a bracelet to his more traditional accessory range. Victoria catched up on that and with her background within design and handcraft she decided to produce a bracelet for him herself. She realized that a minimalistic and sophisticated design was required to elaborate this project successfully, she was also determined to choose qualitative materials and to create a functional design.

Victoria surprised him with the bracelet and it was very appreciated. Their friends catched up on his new accessory and started to order custom made bracelets and this was the starting point of “V/SYDORW Stockholm”, which has now evolved into an unisex brand with bracelets appreciated by both men and women all over the world.

At spring 2019 V/SYDORW Stockholm took the next step and extended into an accessory brand by launching the creative concept V/S Studio that will keep the same same path as for the bracelets – to develop contemporary, clean design accessory collections with superb quality. The first launch is satin silk scarves for women.


The aim of V/SYDORW Stockholm is to provide men and women with contemporary premium accessories in refine Scandinavian unisex design. The different accessories come in a variety of selected colors, tailormade sizes and fine materials. The quality and the custom fit is primal and as well as the function and the sustainable production.