The perfect gift: A bracelet with personalized engraving

A personal gift

Bracelets with engraving is a highly appreciated gift for both men and women in all ages.

They are to be found at a few specialized retailers, but V/SYDORW Stockholm are delighted

to be the only bracelet brand in the world that provide our customers with a unique combination

of several extra values… Beside the ability to add a nice personalized engraving, the bracelets

also come in several models, colors, high quality premium materials and in custom sizes

– as well as being unisex to suit both women and men, and last but not least, they are handmade

under sustainable productions in Sweden and in Italy.


Keep your heart on your sleeve…

One of our most popular engraving options for couples is to write the first letter of the name

of one of the persons, then a heart symbol and then the first letter of the other person’s name.

Whether you order it together or as a gift it’s a superb way of always having you partner with

you and accessorize with stylish details in the same time. See how to order below.


Engrave initials or monogram

It’s a specialty for V/SYDORW Stockholm to offer several ways for clients to customize bracelets

with their own preferences and as a final touch after choosing model, colour and size you can choose

engraving of your initials. See how to order below.


We also offer the ability to engrave your monogram, logotype or hallmark, for such special requests

send us an email to before placing your order.


How to order a V/SYDORW Stockholm bracelet with ”Personalized engraving”

You can add personal engraving to the pendants of the Versus Collection and the Earth Collection

visit the product page of the item you wish to order, choose the size and then fill in the field called

”Custom engraving” with the initials, monogram, word or symbol you would like to have engraved.


Our retailer NK Details at Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm, Sweden, aslo offer the engraving service

to the V/SYDORW Stockholm bracelets. It’s the same delivery time, but you’re able to pick the

engraved bracelet up directly at the store when it’s finished, as well as to see all the colors and try out

the correct size before ordering.


In the picture you see the Earth bracelet – Black Onyx which is made out of the semi-precious mineral

gemstone Onyx.