Rose & Born premium bracelets & gentlemen’s style

Rose & Born one of Sweden’s best men’s wear boutiques

Rose & Born is considered to be one of Sweden’s best men’s wear boutiques with its highly

curated premium gentlemen’s fashion. The store is beautifully located at Strandvägen/Grevgatan,

a few blocks away from the central business district of Stockholm. This is a deliberate choice since

their aim is to be a special destination for well dressed men that take the time to come visit the store.

It’s their opinion that it can and it should take time to create a personal outfit and it’s crucial for

them to provide the customer with the best expertise possible to find the perfect style, colour, fit

and quality.


The V/SYDORW Stockholm bracelets at Rose & Born since 2015

These core values are something that we at V/SYDORW Stockholm share with our qualitative, clean

design, custom fit bracelets and we’re proud to have our bracelets represented at such a reputable

retailer as Rose & Born. Our bracelets are allocated to selected retailers and Rose & Born were one

of the first retailers in Stockholm to carry them (since 2015). They offer a limited collaboration collection

of the Italian Nappa leather bracelets from the Versus Collection as well as the natural gemstone bead

bracelets from the Earth Collection. Explore the bracelet range and other superb men’s wear at 


We have had the pleasure to get some style input from Fabian Ström, Store Manager at Rose & Born.


Do you have any special style elements for the autumn-winter 2018 at Rose & Born?

This autumn is characterized by the fabric corteroy. The classic cotton fabric is to be found at trousers as

well as shirts and blazers. It’s an elegant fabric, but it’s not too formal, so it’s an excellent choice to wear to

be dressed but not overdressed.


What accessories set the finishing touch?

At the autumn-winter season it’s important to stay warm, so scarves, gloves and warm shoes are the obvious

choices. But the more personal details are also important to fullfill the look, for an example bracelets, seasonal

ties and watches.


How do you combine bracelets to create a good combination?

It’s a good idea to combine bracelets, but a guideline is to follow a certain pattern, for an example colour.

It’s very nice to combine leather bracelets and bead bracelets when the colours are in good symbiosis.


What do you like most about the bracelets from V/SYDORW Stockholm?

The simplicity – they fit on the vacation as well as in the conference room.


Who’s your typical bracelet client at Rose & Born?

It’s a person that wants to communicate more about his personality through clothing. And who dares to go

outside the box and stand out to elevate his style to the next level. ◈