Gentlemans Diary summer style men’s bracelets

Gentlemans Diary is an online magazine that contains carefully curated high-end fashion, luxury travel and beauty photography dedicated to the modern gentleman and the good life. The co-founder Pasquale Karatzetzo loves fashion and has been appointed ambassador and face for major brands like Tommy Hilfiger, and now V/SYDORW Stockholm also have the pleasure to collaborate with him. 
The Gentlemans Diary platform tries to revive esthetics as a way of living, which goes hand in hand with the aim of V/SYDORW Stockholm as a brand and Pasquale often adds bracelets to his styles. For Pasquale’s summer looks in the posts ”Why I love Greek summer”, “Yacht life”  and “How to Get a Bohemian Style” his wristgames consists of an edgy Versus Rouge bracelet and the sophisticated sand coloured bracelet Earth Grit Stone, with an Apex in Stainless steel 361l as a finishing touch. Discover more of Gentlemans Diary’s superb content at or magnificent style pictures at their highly liked Instagram account @gentlemansdiarymagazine
“Aesthetics is what we need nowadays. Aesthetics in every part of our life. In how we speak, how we act, how we think and how we love.” 
Pasquale Karatzetzo