V/SYDORW Stockholm expands in Scandinavia & enters Magasin Du Nord Denmark

V/SYDORW Stockholm developing at an early stage…

V/SYDORW Stockholm actually started off  it’s development a couple of years ago in Sweden and in Belgium. Sweden was the

obvious market since it’s the country of origin, but Belgium was a lucky coincidence since we at an early stage was catched up by a

fashion agency there and thanks to them became the second biggest bracelet brand with unisex bracelets at the Benelux market.  


Expanding in Scandinavia and enters Magasin Du Nord Denmark

Now a couple of years later we have a large focus on expanding in Scandinavia, our bracelets and brand now reaches a relatively wide range

of a certain audience in especially Sweden and Norway, but are also simmering at the Danish market. We have a couple of a few retailers

there and one of them happens to be the reputable department store chain ”Magasin du Nord”, this is the second department store that

V/SYDORW Stockholm enters (NK Stockholm is the first) and we’re so delighted to be represented by such a nice retailer that reaches out

to many customers that appreciate our core values – A clean Scandinavian design, premium qualitative materials, function, a sustainable production

and a perfect custom made fit.   


Magasin Du Nord ”House of most loved brands”

Theodor Wessel and Emil Vett were the Founders of Magasin Du Nord, they started their journey in 1868 with their first store and year 1870

when they opened two more department stores they decided to call the chain ”Magasin du Nord”. The characteristic of Wessel & Vett was their

sense of good shopping combined with an understanding of the trends of the day and a great ability to put the customer at the heart. Magasin

was created after the ideal of the French department store Le Bon Marché in Paris. Magasin has always been a department store filled with

experiences where customers could dream away in goods that smelled and shone from the big abroad. Magasin du Nord today consists of six

department stores scattered across Denmark at the best addresses and an online store. Magasin is the go-to place for shoppers in Denmark,

they have 20 million visitors annually and are also frequently visited by several Danish celebrities.  


Bracelets available at Magasin Du Nord

The V/SYDORW Stockholm bracelets are sold at Magasin Kongens Nytorv, Magasin Aarhus and their online store. At the heart of the accessory

departments the bracelets are nicely displayed in counters and the staff is always ready to help the customers to try out their own perfect size. 

All our three bracelet collections, APEX, Earth and Versus are featured in their assortment in the sizes M and L, if you’re looking for an other size

than that we offer a wide range at the V/SYDORW Stockholm e-boutique.


Photo: Magasin du Nord’s Facebook