Satin silk scarves for contemporary women

V/S Studio proudly presents: Satin silk scarves for women. The silk scarves have a sleek geometric design, with a hint of edginess. They are made out of superior glossy satin silk with a traditional handcraft, such as hand rolled hem as used by reputable fashion houses.

The silk scarf collection is created to enable women of today to take part of the all time accessory of elegance, but now revived in a contemporary way. A satin silk scarf is a key detail to fulfill any look 2019, wear it around your neck, on your bag or as the it-detail of the season; in your hair. The scarves have the classic “bandana” size of 54×54 cm that enables you to wear it in several ways, but yet as a smaller detail.

The scarves in the collection has been given names from the golden film age of Hollywood to recreate the vibe of the power actresses who wore scarves back in the days.

Explore the collection here.

Cinematic Scarf, glossy black and créme details.

Heroine Scarf, edgy bright red and royal purple.

Lumière Scarf, luminous ice blue and cool beige.