A personal Christmas gift – order before the 16th of December

V/SYDORW Stockholm is one of the few bracelet brands in the world that provide customers with

the option to customize the perfect size and to add personal engraving, a highly appreciated Christmas

gift for both men and women of all ages. The bracelets come in several models, colors, high quality

premium materials and have a clean unisex design. They are also handmade under sustainable

productions in Sweden and Italy.


Keep your heart on your sleeve…

As a finishing touch after choosing model, colour and size you can add engraving of initials. One of our

most popular engraving options for couples is to write the first letter of the name of one of the persons,

then a heart symbol and then the first letter of the other person’s name. Whether you order it together

or as a gift it’s a superb way of always having you partner with you and accessorize with stylish details

at the same time.


  • Our retailer NK Details at Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm, Sweden, also offer the engraving service to the V/SYDORW Stockholm bracelets. It’s the same delivery time, but you’re able to pick the engraved bracelet up directly at the store when it’s finished.

  • If you order a bracelet as a gift for your partner and want to keep it a surprise our recommendation is to measure the inside of his/her watch. Then you can use that measurement to know what size to order and get it right without spoiling your plans. 


Order before the 16th of December to be sure to get your personalized gift in time

for Christmas.